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As with all California companies, end users of cranes are having difficult times with the Air Research Boards requirement to retrofit older trucks or take them off the road. What we at Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment have done is help our customers locate newer CARB compliant chassis. These chassis are then being used to carry the cranes or components they once used on their older chassis to conduct their business. Since some of these components are special made and/or not available any longer, it has allowed our customers to continue their business ventures, and comply with the states requirements, all while not going broke. What the state wants is just not affordable with today's market. Many companies would have to close down. Sure California offers programs to help offset the cost of the change over, but those of us with cranes rarely qualify since they don't run hard or long enough to make a significant impact. The less impact you make the less likely they will help you out. Yet, because of the age of the chassis, the state wants it gone by a certain date. Because of this ingenuity we are now back logged 6-months, which is awesome in this economy.

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