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888-362-2245    Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

01 Our Services

HI-Rail Equipment Rentals/Installation
DBCE Inc. has been renting, servicing and selling HI-Rail equipment for 30 years.

Crane & Truck Repair
DBCE Inc. has over 30 years experience providing sales and service for all crane manufacturers.

Accident Assessment
Yes, accidents do happen, and when they do, you'll need the professionals at DBCE Inc. to assess the cause.

Hydraulic Repairs
DBCE Inc. can rebuild or replace your hydraulic components in the field or in the shop.

Servicing the Western States. RT Cranes, Tele Crawlers, Mobile Truck Cranes, Bucket Trucks and Railgear equipped units.

Inspections & Certifications
DBCE Inc. is licenced under Cal-Osha, qualified under Fed-Osha and certified under Washington-Osha.


02 About Us

30 Years of Experience
From a mechanic working for a dealership to becoming a dealership, we know your needs from the ground up.
OSHA Certified Professionals
We are ever striving to keep our professionals certified.
Looking For Equipment
With our worldwide network of resources, we can fill your crane needs any place, any time, for any reason.

03 Testimonials

As always, their knowledge and experience along with their customer service made my first crane job in Hawaii a success. All my other subsequent jobs with them were very smooth and without incident. Whenever I am in need to use a crane on any of my projects I will always call Doc Bailey first.”
Martin Duff - ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment Inc. is a company with the greatest and most knowledgable expertise on cranes and hydraulic equipment in the state of Hawaii. Their service is excellent and prompt. We appreciate that fact that they are in Hawaii and will be a great asset to the industry..”
Glenn Miyashita - Glenn's Flowers & Plants, LLC.
In the midst of a most stressful time in our project; Tammy and her Team at DBCEI were a ray of sunshine. They were very professional and attentive scheduling a site visit to discuss our needs quickly. Their Equipment Operator was on time, quick and efficient. I would happily recommend them.”
Maile Shimabukuro-Pascual - Pascual Holdings

04 Contact Us

Frequent Questions

How fast can I get a bucket truck?

Reservations are always best when made a week ahead of time. Same day reservations are possible but not guaranteed.

Do I need a lift plan?

All picks should have a lift plan. So if you don't have one, let us know and we will help you create one.

Do I need my own transportation?

No, boom trucks can be driven and mobile cranes can be hauled either by the customer or we can assist.

Do my operators need to be certified?

All operators are to be qualified and or certified depending on the type of equipment and the OSHA regulations. E.g. Bucket truck operators need to be QUALIFIED where as crane operators must be CERTIFIED.

Questions or Callback Requests: